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Gallery Hours:

10:00am - 6pm

10:00am - 6pm

Signature Gallery Savannah - City Market Entrance The Signature Gallery has been located in City Market in Savannah, Georgia for more than 23 Years. Over the years, new artists have been added to the original members in order to make it even more exciting for our many visitors.

We have award winning paintings, etchings, photographs, stained glass, metal sculptures, jewelry, blown glass, wood, and pottery!

Signature Gallery of Savannah - Interior Each day one of the artists is working in the gallery and is eager to talk to people about the art and the art process. We think that getting to know the artist makes a purchase much more interesting and special. Each artist continues to evolve, improve and change, pursuing new techniques and styles. Some of them teach on a regular basis.

Signature Gallery is open every day from 10 in the morning until 6 in the evening and we welcome all visitors.

We are located in Savannah's City Market
at 303 West Saint Julian St.

Our telephone number is 912-233-3082.

Signature Gallery Savannah | 303 West St.Julian St | Savannah, GA 31401 | (912) 233-3082

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