Marcee Musgrove

In 2009 while working for the census knowing it would end soon, Marcee Musgrove came to the decision to follow her heart and BE an artist rather than wish to be one!

She found a local artist leading a group of other artists to France and took a leap of faith which ignited her passion for photography. The entire trip reminded Marcee that being an artist was going to mean serious work!

Learning the art of silk painting (dyeing) was next and after the first class, fiber took over her creative life for 2-1/2 years. She sold in numerous locations and loved the diversity in the medium.

Then it was back to painting and finding ways to bring all the mediums together telling the story that is uniquely Marcee. She loves the story telling of abstract art and thinks of them like fishbowls. According to Marcee, “You get lost in a sort of meditative place as you connect with the emotions in each piece”.

Her recycled fashion developed through Passport for Fashion Show in 2012.  Creating and co-managing the ecoFAB Trash Couture/Deja VU Programs, she was able to break new boundaries within the world of fashion and art. Through this, Marcee completed many shows, collaborating with UNCC, CPCC, Sustain Charlotte, Mint Museum, Columbia Museum of Art etc,

Marcee looks to a future filled with new venues and partnerships yet to come. Stay tuned!


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